Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springtime, a time for babies

Hey Everyone - I sit here still in the throes of nausea and constant "inner turmoil" and I mean my stomach and I am so tired, I feel as if I didn't sleep at all (which of course I did), but I will make it through. I am rapidly approaching the dreaded "week 10" of my pregnancy, according to the information my wonderful (they really are quite fantastic!) sent me the "morning sickness" as I have already told you is all day sickness will reach its peak during week 10 and then will get better after week 12 or 13. I certainly hope so. Everyday is a (1) STRUGGLE to keep my eyes open, and (2) STRUGGLE not to throw up all over my desk or whoever might be in front of me and then repeat 1 and 2 over and over again.

I am happy that it is Springtime and the weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out more and more. Although, there are way too many violent thunderstorms and too much rain. We even had a tornado warning the other day. Oh boy.

I am excited that Easter is just around the corner and next Easter I will be able to dye eggs and make a little basket for my baby even though they will just stare at it and drool on it. That is okay!! My parents would always make us each a basket and hide them in the house for us to find. I loved it! You got to get the PAAS Easter Egg dye-ing kit, that is my favortie. In my basket, I usually got a stuffed bunny, plenty of chocolate and jelly beans galore and one of my favorite things was the pecan nougat egg. Have you ever had one? They are delicious!! Not a big fan of the Peeps, I just don't think they taste good, they don't taste like regular marshmallows to me and they taste like chemicals to me. Anyway, I also loved getting my Easter Sunday dress and watching all the ladies and little girls with their Easter hats on. It is a time of rebirth, renewal and well the topic on my mind all day, everyday, a time for BABIES!!


  1. I am still making Easter baskets for our girls...only now, I have to make one for our SIL as well. That's right, even the married daughter still wants a basket. LOL

  2. We did that too!! they kept giving me one well into adulthood, I still want to have one now that is why I can't wait to be able to do it for our child!! :) You're a good Mommy! :)

  3. I never got a basket. We dyed eggs and my mom hid them for me to find. Honeyman got a basket and dyed eggs, but never had to hunt them. So why dye them? Whatever.
    So, for Kiddo we did a basket and the hunt.
    She's too old to care now though.
    Just like Halloween.:(

  4. I am so excited for you... that is definitely one of the things I miss, since we don't have children, the beauty of making holidays special. Well I will just have to live thru you vicariously!

  5. the holidays definitely get more fun once the kids come along. have fun making plans for all the next ones once you're mommy & busy making memories! and if you don't have one already, get a really good camera with a huge memory card. sd cards are really cheap at sams club.

  6. @Ruth- too old to care? Uh oh...I am 33 and I still love Easter and Halloween is my absolute favorite, I am a huge kid inside, though! :)
    @Tracy - you can still enjoy them though, kids do make everything fun, I guess and you can live vicariously thorough me all you want!
    @Sherilin - I know and I think the baby will be born closer to Halloween than to my birthday(Nov. 12 and my acutal due date) so I will really go crazy every Halloween, even more than I do now!!! YAY!

  7. My son is away in college. My daughter still lives with us, but the magic is pretty much gone. I sometimes miss the days when Easter was a hoot and holler full of brightly-colored eggs, peeps, and mutant chocolate rabbits. (Not the Easters of MY childhood, though. Those were usually train wrecks).

  8. My mom made one for me until she died a few years ago. We upgraded to wine and cheese rather than candy.

  9. @Al - oh no I am sorry for the train wrecks, the other "hoot and holler" ones are what I remember and miss too
    @Mrs. Tuna - I think that is a great replacement idea!! Wish I could have some wine but not for a long, long time