Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Suprise you DON'T want early in the morning!

Ok so there I was getting on Route 29 this morning coming around the exit bend and the sun was very brightly shining in my eyes, so naturally I take down my viser. I merge on to the highway and speed up to the flow of traffic, I calmly look out at the beautiful morning sky and then (cue Horror movie music) I look at my viser that is dangerously close to my face and see a huge, disgusting, yellowish spider staring back at me!! At first I am sure I was in shock and just staring, completely forgetting that I was driving around 60mph with a little baby inside of me. Then the screaming and swerving started. I got control back and then started to panic, should I pull over? Should I just smash the hell out of it? So the next thing I tried was to slam the viser back up to the ceiling then I proceeded to start the punch the viser as hard as I could repeatedly to try to kill him. Imagine how insane I must have looked to my fellow commuters around me!
Then I thought ok I will just grab some napkins out of the glove compartment and retrieve my dead spider, but OH NO!! He WAS NOT DEAD, of course he wasn't. So then, again while driving, I am screaming in terror and trying to get him on the floor with the napkin. He proceeds to run wild around on the floor while I am trying to still drive with one foot and simultaneously smash him where ever he runs with the other foot. It was a complete nightmare!! Its funny how such a tiny creature can cause so much mayhem and havoc!! I am just so thankful to all my angels for protecting me and the baby so that we didn't crash.

I would also like to remind everyone that tomorrow is Friday the 13th, there will be a full moon on May 17th (next Tuesday). So I guess that was the beginning of my Freaky deeky shit, I hope that is where it ENDS cause that took it all out of me very early in the morning.


  1. Girl, I laughed so hard- but WITH you not AT you because I've been there!

  2. And I just found out the End of the World is on May 21st. Oh, great, my best clothes are at the Dry Cleaners.
    I'm with you. I would've freaked out so badly that the Gender Police would have revoked my Guy Card.

  3. hate spiders. Especially when they hide in the car. So glad you were able to dispose of it without causing traffic mahem. Next time, pull over though ok?

  4. Ughhh, hate bugs and snakes, really hate snakes.