Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Huge Announcement

Besides my on-going daily experience with my pregnancy, another thing that has been keeping me away from writing my blog has been our search to find a house to buy.  The great news is that our contract has been accepted and we are in the beginning stages of buying our first home!

We started our long and stress-inducing search years ago. We started looking in Pennsylvania because Joe works in MD close to the PA/MD border and the houses are much cheaper than the expensive Columbia. That didn't work out and after that I decided to try to go to Grad school and dropped out and then started my current job, as you all know. So when all of that changing chaos was over, we started looking again last year but didn't find anything we loved in our price range. Single family homes pretty much start around $300 to $400K where we live so those are ALL out of the question because we definitely can't afford that.

Recently, it has been an uphill battle against the current horrendous market and the selection of houses. There are a TON of short sales and sketchy foreclosures that are being sold "as is" and we knew that those two situations weren't ideal for us. Then you have the fact that most people don't want to sell their houses right now because the market is so terrible and they are probably going to get far less than they want.

We felt pressure to buy now because, obviously we have a baby on the way and we know it will be hard to move after we have them and all of their stuff.  Plus, we have wanted to be home owners for years. As much as we love the fact that when something breaks, our landlord will come and fix it, it doesn't feel good to live somewhere and not be able to paint it or change it the way you want to and to not be able to call it your home. There is also the fact that we are in our mid-thirties and we would like to pay off our house by the time we are in our mid-sixties when we will be retiring. Unless by that time, you have to wait until 75 to retire!! (please God let that not happen!)

So this house was the best one that we have seen and we have seen PLENTY of houses. Its a really big townhouse with a totally remodeled kitchen (my favorite part and the most important part in my mind!) and its in a good school district. It is within walking distance of the pool, on of Columbia's 23 pools we can choose from. We are so excited, relieved, happy and PROUD of us!!

There are so many things about our rental house that drive me absolutely insane that I can't wait to say a GOODBYE and GOOD RIDDENS to! Most of all the fact that we can hear EVERYTHING in our bedroom that is going on outside down on the sidewalk. We hear the loud ass birds, the loud ass neighbors, the loud ass kids, the cars, traffic, everything, everything. The kitchen we currently have to deal with is soooo tiny and there is zero counter space and not enough cabinet space. The cabinets are also very old (probably the originals) and they are gross and smelly.

So after all that complaining, I must say that this leads to my unyielding and infinite gratitude. I am SO thankful to God for all of my blessings, my baby inside, my big baby on the outside, and that our dreams are coming true and just in time!! We have a house, we are really homeowners now!!

I knew it required a lot of money and work but WOW, I have a million things I need to locate and fax over to our financing person. So I better get on that. I feel like such a grown-up and even if I feel like I will never really grow-up, this feels really good. To be building the life I have always wanted and creating love and happiness. For so long, I really believed that this wasn't going to happen for me.  That is the amazing beauty of possibility and hope and not giving up so that you can achieve your dreams and goals.

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  1. Congratulations! It's nice to hear that everything is moving along so pleasantly.