Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Ownership and Beginning the 3rd and Final Trimester

Hey Everyone, I know I don't write too much anymore. I have been so busy as you know. Last Wednesday was jam packed. We went to the doctor's, baby is doing great. Then we went to our walk through and immediately to settlement, then to our old house to move! WHEW!! It was so freaking hot! My husband's poor co-workers sweated completely through their shirts AND their pants. We have been experiencing a TERRIBLE heat wave straight from Hades and it has felt like 100+ degrees most days last week with the heat index. As I have already stated many times, pregnancy and extreme heat Do. Not. Mix!!
Before I start talking about anything that could be taken as negative or complaining, I want to say upfront that Joe and I L-O-V-E our new home. We are so lucky and blesssed to finally be home owners and to have found the deal on this house that we did. Our house is so much bigger and nicer then any place we have lived before. So glad to be free from having to answer to a landlord and not be able to paint or change the house or living space the way we want it to be.
Joe and I were so very exhausted that first night, my feet were hurting, his entire self was over-heated and hurting. But we got the AC cranking in our new house and we have worked tirelessly over the past 5 or so days to get everything unpacked and to find a new spot for everything.
We still want to do so much before she is born. We want to paint the living room and the nursery. I have spent a long time researching non VOC, odorless paint that is safe for pregnant women. I won't be doing any of the actual painting but I am trying to avoid having to stay in a hotel for a night or two, but we will do that too if necessary.
One annoying thing that has happened was that our house wasn't wired for Comcast but it was for FIOS. So when Comcast came out they said they would have to run a new line and it would take a few days. So we have not had internet or cable or any tv since last Wednesday. This has made me realize how great my dependence is on tv and the internet. Its baaaad. Its especially bad now too because of my pregnancy insomnia which leads me to rely on the tv to get me through the sleepless hours. Joe and I must have watched every series we have on DVD and random movie we could think of. We have had plenty to do with getting the house ready but I like to watch tv just for a few minutes when I am eating breakfast before work and I like to watch just a few hours after work. PLUS, and most importantly I have missed my favorite shows like Breaking Bad that just started a brand new season and every episode is so intense and leaves you on a major cliffhanger feeling. Last night we missed Master Chef and I also missed Weeds so Joe and I will have some major catching up to do once they come. I pray that they have it fixed by Thursday. Oh please this preggo lady needs her tv and internet!!! I was also unable to work from home this past Monday which was not good since I had to get up early and add more driving wasting my gas all on the fact that my AC is on for one more day this week.
The pregnancy is going ok, I am a little scared of the final trimester, she is kicking my like crazy everyday, a lot in the bladder which isn't fun. Sleeping and getting up for the bathroom trips is getting more and more difficult. The most distrubing recent event has been the ankle and feet swelling and how much my feet hurt if I stand on them too long. I am so lucky and blessed to have a job where I can sit down 90% of the time. I don't know how women do it in jobs where they are on their feet all day. I really couldn't do it. So the heat (again sorry) is also making the swelling worse. I knew my feet and ankles would begin to swell but I didn't think that would happen until my 8th or 9th month. I can remember my sister's feet looking like swollen sausages, really bad. So here is to more praying for a "manageable" 3rd trimester. I will try to check in periodically. Maybe I will have some funny baby shower stories to come.

TO ALL MY 50 something followers and just women in general..

Hey Ladies and Germs, sorry fellas this post is strictly for the ladies, particularly by 50 and over followers. I found this hilarious book on Amazon called "The Murderous Urges of Ordinary Women" and it is about a book club of friends who are in their 50s who plot revenge on people who have wronged them or who are just plain WRONG! haha, Anyways, I had to recommend it, even though I am not even finished yet and I am also 33 yrs. old,  but it is so entertaining and funny, it doesn't matter what age you are! So if you haven't already read it go out and get it, great book!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is MUCH goings on..

I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog so badly. I have great excuses, along with being very pregnant and trying to survive the CONTINUING OPPRESIVE HEAT, we are closing on the house in a week and moving. We just got back from the beach yesterday and visiting my family in Delaware. They gave me plenty of presents which Joe and I were so happy to receive, since we haven't had our first baby shower yet and we don't have that much stuff.
A few weeks ago things were rough with the pregnancy. I found out that I was anemic and that I guess was the cause of my rapid heart beating and shortness of breath that I thought was a panic attack or anxiety. I know I have been reporting all about my aches and pains but these were really scary because I thought something may have been wrong with my heart, or breathing or blood pressure. After receiving my blood results, I promptly went out and got an iron supplement and added it to the prenatal vitamins (3 times a day) and calcium, DHA and magnesium supplements I am already taking! My growing belly and ENORMOUS breasts have been a little overwhelming too, my regular clothes are definitely a thing of the past, only a few select items that are very stretchy or long are still able to make it into everyday rotation. And some of my maternity clothes are cute but the belly bands are cumbersome and just make me more hot and sweaty. Its like have a big floppy thick panty hose at the top of your pants.
So I am trying to breathe and make it through the days with my rapidly changing body and my raging hormones.
Right now the house is a sea of boxes and we still have a ton to pack up. I am looking forward to being in our new home, to having our new couch delievered. And to be able to start working on the nursery. 
I have about 4 more months to go until the big day. Counting the weeks of your pregnancy is prettty crazy becaues you are really counting 40 weeks from start to finish which is really more like 10 months and that is a very loooooonnnnngg time!
To all my blogger friends please keep me and Joe and little Chloe Niccole in your prayers we have quite a few weeks to get through. And then for the third and final trimester, DEEEEP BREAAATTHSS!!