Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"The East Coast Quake"

So here I sat yesterday in my cubicle tired and a little bored after lunch. I felt the floor start to shake and it felt like someone was running up and down through the office. Then the shaking didn't stop but it definitely got stronger! My co-workers started asking "what is that?" "what is going on" and I had to reply with the only answer I could make sense of "Its an earthquake!" The thing that I will remember the most is one of my bosses having a concerned and scared look on his face and NOTHING gets to this guy, so I knew something was wrong. And one very funny co-worker kept screaming out, "I am leaving! I am going home!!" the entire time it was shaking. I remained as calm as possible even though my heart was racing a little bit. I stood waited until most of the major rumbling and shaking had stopped and went around my cubicle to find some of my co-workers with all their stuff ready to run. Ok, keep in mind that I am on the 8th floor of a high rise near Washington DC and also don't forget I am WITH CHILD! In my head I was screaming, "oh please everyone just save the pregnant lady!!!"
Another man came from a different office and told us we needed to go down the stairs and away from the building. So I grabbed my badge, my phone and my water and headed for the long trip down the concrete steps. When we got outside, I realized very quickly that I was not going to be able to talk to my husband for quite some time. Verizon's message said the network was too busy. I remembered that same sick feeling I got on 9/11 when I couldn't reach any of my friends in New York City. So we all stood outside for awhile and talking about our reactions to what just happended and then we were told the building was being closed and we would need to go back and get our stuff and go home. The actual earthquake was frightening enough but trying to get out of this place all at once was a nightmare. They just recently installed a new system for getting in and out of our parking garage and you have to have a little electronic device to get in and out of the gate. So instead of doing what would make sense and putting the gate up so that we could all leave since it was an actual emergency, we all had to sit there for like 40 mintues trying to get out of our stupid garage one by one. Then when I finally got out of there, traffic was really awful and it took me a very long time to get home. But the wonderful thing about this "natural disaster" was that it wasn't serious and no one got hurt. We are so lucky. I will definitely have a story to tell my daughter in the future about what happened when I was pregnant with her.
And a big shout out to my good friend M.D. who texted me to check on me. That was really nice and thoughtful. My Dad left me a message and said "so....did you think that was the baby kicking?" I mean really? If I haven't already mentioned it, my Dad is the corniest man on earth. Also when I was driving home, on Jack FM, a Baltimore radio station, they were playing "I feel the earth move under my feet" by Carly Simon and "All Shook Up" by Elvis, and "Rock me like a Hurricane" by Scorpion because we are going to experience the wrath of Hurricane Irene this weekend. So I will strap on my seatbelt, and go find my flashlights and candles.
One really cool thing was the reports from the National Zoo, you can go to their site and read about all the reactions of the animals right BEFORE the earthquake struck. I think that is so fascinating!! I wonder what tells them its coming, how do they know? I guess they are just that in tune with the earth and their instincts which I think is pretty awesome.
Stay safe everyone!
And if you want, let me know if you felt it at all


  1. I am too far away to have felt it. It's a good thing you were safe.
    I awarded you the Liebster Award. Come over and pick it up when you have a chance.

  2. I'm in TN so we didn't feel anything! I'm so glad you are safe. :o)

    - Minxy