Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Make Room for Baby Girl

Things are going really well, we are still very busy and I don't really have too much time between getting the house ready, working and just trying to stay awake through all of the day's activitites. Now that I have left the second trimester and entered the third, I am back to feeling soooo tired when I wake up and wanting to take a nap in the afternoons, or well anytime!
We had our first baby shower with Joe's side of the family. It was really nice and Joe's aunt had a great activity of making bibs for the baby.  Everyone was so generous and it helped us out tremendously!! I am having another one at work and one at my new house for friends, so when all is said and done I hope that we are fully prepared for her!
Joe and his co-worker/friend worked tirelessly last Friday and painted the living room and the nursery. They both look fantastic! He also assembled the crib all by himself. The room looks awesome. It is a pastel pink - called "Ballet slippers" and all the furniture is white. I am so excited to put the pictures and the Winnie the Pooh wall hangings up, but I have to wait until all the furniture is in and together. I promise to post pictures when everything is finished.
We went to the doctor's this week and they measured her and they said her head is a little big but her abdomen is in the normal and average range and that is how they judge if she is going to be huge or not. My family has unusually large babies so this has been a concern of mine for most of the pregnancy. She still has quite a ways to grow and to go so we will just have to wait and see.
She is definitely healthy and strong and I wonder if she is training for some kind of kicking competition when she enters this world. It can be so strong sometimes! Wow! And sometimes it feels like a mini earthquake inside there, I am not sure if that is her flipping all the way from one side to the other or what but it is definitely surreal.
I am trying to be "lovingly patient" but I am really excited to meet her and hold her and of course dress her up in all these cute clothes!!


  1. So nice to hear. Get your rest when you can.

  2. Why thank you George! I wish I could lay my head down on my desk right now and drool, oh I mean, dream away...

  3. when are you going to finish work? You'll need to give yourself some time for those marvelous naps :)

  4. Well I am taking maternity leave, I think my last day will probably be Oct. 28th, my due date is Nov.12th, but I am going to see how it goes if I feel I need to stop before that then I will.

  5. That is so smart leaving work early. I know a lot of woman that seem to think due date is code for working right up til then.
    Babies sure can move around. Good to know everything is going OK.

  6. Thanks Ruth, I know I hope I can make it until Oct. 28th!! I am sure at that time, just walking around is going to be tough. But I DEFINITELY can NOT go into labor at work cause I work too far from home and like an hour and a half away from the hospital I am delivering at so I have to make sure that doesn't happen!