Friday, September 9, 2011

One more Hurricane and I might LOSE MY MIND!

So here is a quick update of all the drama and disaster that has been plaguing us in Maryland. We managed to get our storage room cleaned up and even though the rain continued to come down and never cease, miraculously the flow of water seemed to stop coming in the house after awhile. So we had a fan on it and it dried up pretty good. The stench from the wet cement floor is gross and I am trying to take care of that as it continues to dry out. There is still a big hole in my kitchen ceiling and that will hopefully be repaired by the time I have my friends over on the 18th for a baby shower. Now there is talk on the news of the other two hurricanes heading our way, Hurricane Maria and Nate. My mind can't really deal with MORE RAIN and MORE FLOODING. I am at my wits end, I haven't seen the sun in many days and its becoming depressing and exhausting!!
The area surrounding my husband's business was completely flooded, streets covered in what looked like a river. My husband's business which has already been struggling to stay open in this economy has flooded and there was about 17 inches of standing water inside the showroom. It is an office furniture business and all of the furniture is ruined and has water damage. Thank God they have flood insurance, but the time and money it will take to clean up, get rid of everything and re-order everything might prove to be too much for the business. The business really can't handle one more crisis and they just got handed a HUGE one. I will contine praying and hoping they all keep their sanity and take one day at a time to recover from this amount of flooding. And I will keep praying with GUSTO that these other two hurricanes don't cause the extensive damage that this one has.
After so much stress and negativity, I must say that I am so grateful and THANKFUL that Joe and I and the baby are ok. Our house will be fine. We will get through all of this. My heart goes out to all the people who have flooded homes and whose cars were totalled as a result of the floods. The next town over from us Ellicott City was completey under water and as I said much of Baltimore and surrounding areas were as well. I will be VERY HAPPY to see the beautiful Sun shine in the next few days and to begin to dry out and feel better!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What could be NEXT?!! HELP!!

So I hope all of you blogger readers don't think that I live in some fantasy world where everything is roses and diamonds and being in love, yes that was my last post but just like everyone else, we have problems too. And after our romantic anniversary, they begun...
First I noticed there was something funny about our upstairs toilet and so the next then I know Joe is screaming get some towels STAT there is water everywhere! So that was the beginning of it all, a flooded toliet. I found some old towels and he started furiously cleaning up the water. Then later I waddled downstairs and he had the next bad news surprise for me - our ceiling was leaking in the kitchen. So I took a deep breath and started seeing dollar signs and how much this was going to cost us. We worked so hard to finally become home owners but THIS is what I was so afraid of !! Before we would just promptly call our landlord or maintenance man or management company and it instantly became their problem at their expense. Well now we OWN this house and today I am really freaking out. I am trying very hard not to stress out since I am 7+ months pregnant, but the story CONTINUES!!..
So there we are trying to assess the problems. Should we call a plumber? Do we need someone to come out and fix the ceiling. That was Sunday. Today is Wednesday, last night Joe cut a piece of the drywall out to see if there was mold and water damage, it seemed ok so we decided to have a guy come out on Thursday to look at it and see how much it would cost to be repaired. So we were feeling better since the toliet was flushing fine and everything seemed like it was going to be okay...
Then this morning, I left the house to be greeted by a very dense and thick FOG, that caused anxiety during the first part of the commute and there was immediate back ups/gridlock. Then the next PHASE was the torrential downpours. We are experiencing now the effects of Hurricane Lee. I was so happy we made it through the earthquake and the "first" Hurricane fairly unscathed, but little did I know what lay ahead!
So I crawled all the way to Silver Spring and stopped at Starbucks. I am now an hour into my commute and I should be at work, I am only half way there. Joe calls and tells me that the ceiling is leaking again and he is calling a plumber. I want to scream and stomp and pull my hair out. Again I am seeing dollar signs and how much this is going to cost. I tell him, okay we have to stop the source of the water, so let's deal with one problem at a time. I got a tea and needed a travel mug so I got one of those too.
The barista woman at Starbucks didn't wring up the travel mug so that is the one GOOD thing and highlight of my crappiest day! I got back on the road and it took another full hour to get to work, totalling a whopping 2 hours which is completley unacceptable. It felt like I should have just stayed home, but home is where all the problems would grow and grow.
So then I speak to Joe after the plumber comes and he tells me that we need a new toliet and the plumber is going to reseal the floor where the toliet goes. So I take in the cost and say okay that is fine. So then I am trying to get back to normal at work. Meanwhile, the thunderstorms are raging outside. No end in sight for all this rain. Joe calls me again, but I can tell this time there is panic and A LOT of anger in his voice. And he says, I don't want you to stress you out with more bad news but the mud room is flooding and all of the carpet tiles are soaking wet. Joe recently spent days and hours meticulously cutting out carpet tiles and laying them down in our storage/mud room cause the floor in there is cement and he wanted it to be nicer for us to walk on.
So now he is spending his entire day at our house on his hands and knees UNDOING all that hard work and lifting up all the carpet tiles. The problem is we don't know how we are going to stop the flooding because it is going to rain and rain and KEEP ON RAINING for the NEXT FIVE DAYS! I really want to pull all my hair out. I am exasperated and overwhelmed. Poor, poor Joe. I feel so helpless here at the office. Oh and he just checked our home owner's policy and there is zero flood coverage. Of course. So we are some screwed ass DUDES!!
So I thought I would include some pictures to express how I am feeling today. The first one is from a very hilarious movie called Super Troopers - if you haven't seen it (especially just the beginning scene I HIGHLY recommend it!!)
Joe is trying to tell me I need to stop all my cursing like a sailor so I will vent on my blog. In my head I am screaming, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCCK!!!! WHYY??!! MOTHER SUCKER FUCKER! HELP!!! SHIT!!! THIS SUCKS!!! OOOHHH NOO!!! THIS IS A BITCH AND I WANT TO DAMN IT ALL TO HELLL!!!!!! Did I mention FFFFFUCCCKK Fuckity fuck fuck!! NOOO!! HELLLLPPP!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd Wedding Anniversary

So this post is dedicated to my gorgeous and loving husband, Joseph. We went out on Saturday night to Iron Bridge Wine Company and had a great time. The food was out of this world delicious and Joe raved about it for days. He had the scallops on top of risotto for an appetizer and I had the calamari. Then for our entrees, he had the short rib and I had the potato gnocchi. It was melt in your mouth, so good! The sauces, the flavors. These chefs are top notch and they never disappoint! We even got a piece chocolate truffle cake to take home and enjoy and talk about decadent! WOW!
I posted some mushy sentences about how much I love Joe on my facebook page and the pictures of my gifts. He surprised me with roses and a diamond heart shaped necklace. I was blown away. He has been so amazing lately. He has taken on every home improvement project for the house with a great drive and passion to make our new house as nice as possible. He done so much work and I am so grateful to him for that. He even painted the bathroom this weekend, among the other 20 things we managed to accomplish. He makes me so happy in so many ways. He is thoughtful, kind, funny and so loving. I tell him all the time how much I love him and appreciate him because I don't want him to ever feel like I am taking my time with him for granted. This is the person I have waited for, this is the love I have dreamed of all my life. The unconditional love that everyone deserves and needs. I am so blessed and I thank God for the love of my life and for the little girl growing strong inside of me everyday. I have such a full life and a truly blessed life. I really never thought I would have all of this ( a husband, a house and a child) and now I do and I have realized that yes, I can be happy and secure and whole. You have to believe it will happen and have the courage to ask what you want for and then when you receive it, cherish it and be present and enjoy the joy! Thank you Joseph for loving me, for being who you are, thank you for giving me someone to be so in love with and for being such an incredible Daddy already when you talk to our daughter and read to her and tell her how much you love her. I know you will be the greatest father in the world and I am so blessed to have you in that regard as well. Happy 2nd anniversary to me and my husband and to many, many more happy days together!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Latest Check Up

I want to start off my saying a special thank you to George over at for his concern about me getting through the Hurricane. Also thanks to Tracy and Sherilin for giving updates that I was okay. I have the BEST blogger friends, thanks guys for being so wonderful!
 I must say two natural disasters (an earthquake and a hurricane) in the same week was pretty stressful for a pregnant lady! I am normally someone who likes to be prepared, some might say I am sometimes overly prepared. Well, not this time. Joe and I attempted to go out and get some food in case we lost power for many days, we ended up with a few cans of fruit, canned chicken, trail mix, water and beef jerky which Joe promptly ate before the storm even began! We don't have a gas stove so if we had to throw away most of the stuff in our fridge we would have been screwed dudes. Next was my search for D batteries for our 2  larger flashlights. Not one store had any. I saw a man standing there in Target with some in his hand but I had already scoured the entire store and there were none so I really don't know where he got them, and I was really tempted to knock him down and take them. That is terrible. But I didn't. I just went home and hoped and prayed that we didn't lose power and thank you God, we didn't. Our friends and family surely did and some didn't have power for days and days, which I have lived through in the past so I know how hard it is. I am glad that is all behind us now. We were actually out there today still doing clean up of all the branches and leaves that are covering our parking lot, roof and yards.
In other news, I had a doctor's check up today, they are now every 2 weeks, so I feel like I am always there. I am happy to report that my blood pressure was great and the baby's heart beat was strong and sounded good. Everything is looking good. And only 68 days to go after today, that isn't long at all but its already so hard to get around and get comfortable at night that it does feel like a long time to me. I am very happy that the weather is so gorgeous and mild and that I don't have to battle the extreme heat anymore. 
I am really looking forward to celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary on Saturday. We are going to Iron Bridge Wine Company our favorite place to enjoy some delicious food. I won't be able to have wine which will be hard but I am so used to it by now. I will have to post again and let you know about our weekend.