Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene and Latest Check Up

I want to start off my saying a special thank you to George over at for his concern about me getting through the Hurricane. Also thanks to Tracy and Sherilin for giving updates that I was okay. I have the BEST blogger friends, thanks guys for being so wonderful!
 I must say two natural disasters (an earthquake and a hurricane) in the same week was pretty stressful for a pregnant lady! I am normally someone who likes to be prepared, some might say I am sometimes overly prepared. Well, not this time. Joe and I attempted to go out and get some food in case we lost power for many days, we ended up with a few cans of fruit, canned chicken, trail mix, water and beef jerky which Joe promptly ate before the storm even began! We don't have a gas stove so if we had to throw away most of the stuff in our fridge we would have been screwed dudes. Next was my search for D batteries for our 2  larger flashlights. Not one store had any. I saw a man standing there in Target with some in his hand but I had already scoured the entire store and there were none so I really don't know where he got them, and I was really tempted to knock him down and take them. That is terrible. But I didn't. I just went home and hoped and prayed that we didn't lose power and thank you God, we didn't. Our friends and family surely did and some didn't have power for days and days, which I have lived through in the past so I know how hard it is. I am glad that is all behind us now. We were actually out there today still doing clean up of all the branches and leaves that are covering our parking lot, roof and yards.
In other news, I had a doctor's check up today, they are now every 2 weeks, so I feel like I am always there. I am happy to report that my blood pressure was great and the baby's heart beat was strong and sounded good. Everything is looking good. And only 68 days to go after today, that isn't long at all but its already so hard to get around and get comfortable at night that it does feel like a long time to me. I am very happy that the weather is so gorgeous and mild and that I don't have to battle the extreme heat anymore. 
I am really looking forward to celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary on Saturday. We are going to Iron Bridge Wine Company our favorite place to enjoy some delicious food. I won't be able to have wine which will be hard but I am so used to it by now. I will have to post again and let you know about our weekend. 


  1. isn't it cool to see how we're all connected through the invisible lines of the internet? it's a whole network of support that you can't even see.
    i'm glad you guys didn't lose power. some areas are still in really bad shape! i'm about to go spend a week on the outerbanks next week & there's another storm brewing in the ocrean right now. i sure hope we don't have to evacuate our beautiful vacation house that we already spent gobs & gobs of money to get!

  2. It is cool!! I have heard about these upcoming hurricanes that are brewing and I am not happy either, I will be hoping and praying that they stay out at sea or stay far away for my sanity and your vacation! Have fun!!

  3. Wait til the visits are once a week. You will feel like you never left.
    Have a happy anniversary. I just had my 14th one on Monday.

  4. I know the once a week will come soon enough next month. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RUTH!! :)

  5. OK. The fact that you did not lose power is the best! You've survived 2 forces of nature in 1 week unscathed!

    And, you'd be surprised how well you get along without wine. I used to be a regular drinker, and of course I stopped when I was pregnant. BUT, I've been not pregnant for 5+ months now, and I do not miss the alcohol at all! I don't even have the slightest craving anymore. :o)

  6. Its getting closer all the time for the beautiful new baby, congrats on your anniversary.

  7. @Minxy - thanks, I think I have done quite well considering no caffeine (giving up so many great Starbucks drinks) and no wine, but I REALLY look forward to that day when I can again have a glass and a Chai Latte!

    @Mrs. Tuna - it is getting VERY close now! Thanks so much!