Friday, September 9, 2011

One more Hurricane and I might LOSE MY MIND!

So here is a quick update of all the drama and disaster that has been plaguing us in Maryland. We managed to get our storage room cleaned up and even though the rain continued to come down and never cease, miraculously the flow of water seemed to stop coming in the house after awhile. So we had a fan on it and it dried up pretty good. The stench from the wet cement floor is gross and I am trying to take care of that as it continues to dry out. There is still a big hole in my kitchen ceiling and that will hopefully be repaired by the time I have my friends over on the 18th for a baby shower. Now there is talk on the news of the other two hurricanes heading our way, Hurricane Maria and Nate. My mind can't really deal with MORE RAIN and MORE FLOODING. I am at my wits end, I haven't seen the sun in many days and its becoming depressing and exhausting!!
The area surrounding my husband's business was completely flooded, streets covered in what looked like a river. My husband's business which has already been struggling to stay open in this economy has flooded and there was about 17 inches of standing water inside the showroom. It is an office furniture business and all of the furniture is ruined and has water damage. Thank God they have flood insurance, but the time and money it will take to clean up, get rid of everything and re-order everything might prove to be too much for the business. The business really can't handle one more crisis and they just got handed a HUGE one. I will contine praying and hoping they all keep their sanity and take one day at a time to recover from this amount of flooding. And I will keep praying with GUSTO that these other two hurricanes don't cause the extensive damage that this one has.
After so much stress and negativity, I must say that I am so grateful and THANKFUL that Joe and I and the baby are ok. Our house will be fine. We will get through all of this. My heart goes out to all the people who have flooded homes and whose cars were totalled as a result of the floods. The next town over from us Ellicott City was completey under water and as I said much of Baltimore and surrounding areas were as well. I will be VERY HAPPY to see the beautiful Sun shine in the next few days and to begin to dry out and feel better!


  1. Oh good lord girl!!! I did not know it was that bad for you! I will try and "will" some of my sun your way to help you dry up!!! Big Hugs to you lovely one!

  2. Thanks Tracy! You're the greatest!