Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What could be NEXT?!! HELP!!

So I hope all of you blogger readers don't think that I live in some fantasy world where everything is roses and diamonds and being in love, yes that was my last post but just like everyone else, we have problems too. And after our romantic anniversary, they begun...
First I noticed there was something funny about our upstairs toilet and so the next then I know Joe is screaming get some towels STAT there is water everywhere! So that was the beginning of it all, a flooded toliet. I found some old towels and he started furiously cleaning up the water. Then later I waddled downstairs and he had the next bad news surprise for me - our ceiling was leaking in the kitchen. So I took a deep breath and started seeing dollar signs and how much this was going to cost us. We worked so hard to finally become home owners but THIS is what I was so afraid of !! Before we would just promptly call our landlord or maintenance man or management company and it instantly became their problem at their expense. Well now we OWN this house and today I am really freaking out. I am trying very hard not to stress out since I am 7+ months pregnant, but the story CONTINUES!!..
So there we are trying to assess the problems. Should we call a plumber? Do we need someone to come out and fix the ceiling. That was Sunday. Today is Wednesday, last night Joe cut a piece of the drywall out to see if there was mold and water damage, it seemed ok so we decided to have a guy come out on Thursday to look at it and see how much it would cost to be repaired. So we were feeling better since the toliet was flushing fine and everything seemed like it was going to be okay...
Then this morning, I left the house to be greeted by a very dense and thick FOG, that caused anxiety during the first part of the commute and there was immediate back ups/gridlock. Then the next PHASE was the torrential downpours. We are experiencing now the effects of Hurricane Lee. I was so happy we made it through the earthquake and the "first" Hurricane fairly unscathed, but little did I know what lay ahead!
So I crawled all the way to Silver Spring and stopped at Starbucks. I am now an hour into my commute and I should be at work, I am only half way there. Joe calls and tells me that the ceiling is leaking again and he is calling a plumber. I want to scream and stomp and pull my hair out. Again I am seeing dollar signs and how much this is going to cost. I tell him, okay we have to stop the source of the water, so let's deal with one problem at a time. I got a tea and needed a travel mug so I got one of those too.
The barista woman at Starbucks didn't wring up the travel mug so that is the one GOOD thing and highlight of my crappiest day! I got back on the road and it took another full hour to get to work, totalling a whopping 2 hours which is completley unacceptable. It felt like I should have just stayed home, but home is where all the problems would grow and grow.
So then I speak to Joe after the plumber comes and he tells me that we need a new toliet and the plumber is going to reseal the floor where the toliet goes. So I take in the cost and say okay that is fine. So then I am trying to get back to normal at work. Meanwhile, the thunderstorms are raging outside. No end in sight for all this rain. Joe calls me again, but I can tell this time there is panic and A LOT of anger in his voice. And he says, I don't want you to stress you out with more bad news but the mud room is flooding and all of the carpet tiles are soaking wet. Joe recently spent days and hours meticulously cutting out carpet tiles and laying them down in our storage/mud room cause the floor in there is cement and he wanted it to be nicer for us to walk on.
So now he is spending his entire day at our house on his hands and knees UNDOING all that hard work and lifting up all the carpet tiles. The problem is we don't know how we are going to stop the flooding because it is going to rain and rain and KEEP ON RAINING for the NEXT FIVE DAYS! I really want to pull all my hair out. I am exasperated and overwhelmed. Poor, poor Joe. I feel so helpless here at the office. Oh and he just checked our home owner's policy and there is zero flood coverage. Of course. So we are some screwed ass DUDES!!
So I thought I would include some pictures to express how I am feeling today. The first one is from a very hilarious movie called Super Troopers - if you haven't seen it (especially just the beginning scene I HIGHLY recommend it!!)
Joe is trying to tell me I need to stop all my cursing like a sailor so I will vent on my blog. In my head I am screaming, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCCK!!!! WHYY??!! MOTHER SUCKER FUCKER! HELP!!! SHIT!!! THIS SUCKS!!! OOOHHH NOO!!! THIS IS A BITCH AND I WANT TO DAMN IT ALL TO HELLL!!!!!! Did I mention FFFFFUCCCKK Fuckity fuck fuck!! NOOO!! HELLLLPPP!!!


  1. It is good news, that it is just a bad seal. But, is the toilet bad too? You might just need a new seal. If he hasn't already put in a new toilet you should ask. That could save money.
    Most house insurance doesn't cover flood. You have to get separate flood insurance. You may be eligible for FEMA assistance. It depends where the water is coming from.
    I hope your day gets better.

  2. Thanks Ruth, as long as we can keep the water out of the family room and the rest of the house we should be ok, this might prove to be quite a challenge since its supposed to keep raining here for the next several days

    We did actually need a new toilet because that one was old and it needed to be replaced, we knew that was probably going to be sooner or later situation anyway

  3. I don't know why I know, but yes, Homeowners doesn't include flood coverage, which is terrible.

  4. have you considered putting sandbags at the place where the water is coming into your mud room? maybe then it will be less muddy/floody and more dry with a slightly wet smell.
    and thank you for reminding me why i never want to buy a house. renting is definitely the way for me to go.

  5. this all just happened today so I am going to see about getting some sandbags maybe, thanks that is a good idea, all the yards around here are completely flooded its a damn mess!

  6. @Deviled Megs - I know this is the complete insanity of what happened during Katrina too, people in New Orleans had hurricane insurance but not flood insurance so they couldn't get any help. Insurance should HELP people who pay them and make them rich. It should include damage to your house. Period. All this we don't cover that is just pure evil and complete bullshit!!!