Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just when you thought things were going alright...

Yesterday morning I looked up at our ceiling in the kitchen and made the horrific discovery that once again the pipes have been leaking and there was a huge wet spot outlining the drywall that we just paid to have repaired before the baby shower. I really feel like this couldn't come at a worse time and I am so very angry and feeling quite defeated and depressed about the situation at this point. If my loyal readers remember this issue started because our toliet overflowed and we thought that was what was causing the leaking in the kitchen. So after spending all this money to get a brand new toliet and have it recaulked, we find out we didn't need to pay for that cause it would have been covered by the home warranty. So we then we discover there is more leaking so now we have the home warranty people come out and they "assess" the situation and tell us that we need to have our tub recaulked and that it isn't the pipes. I knew that couldn't be right, but we didn't really have a choice but to go along with what they told us. So we shelled out even more money to have the tub resurfaced and recaulked. Then one of our nice neighbors had someone he works with come out and patch the hole in our ceiling just in time for us to have our baby shower the next day. We thought that we were in the clear, that we had "taken care of" that problem. Well now we know that it is most definitely the pipes, we have to cut another hole in the ceiling and the home warranty company was wrong and owes us a ton of money for paying for all of that work to be done, just to end up back at square one.

I know that I shouldn't give into negativity or blow this out of proportion but I am feeling a little jealous of my former renting self right now. I debated for so long if buying a house was the wisest and most economical choice for the long haul. I wanted to own a home now that we are having a child and starting a family. I told myself our mortgage payment won't go up it will stay the same so it will be a good investment for the extended future. But honestly, home ownership is scary and expensive. I think I am just exhausted and overwhelmed in these final days of pregnancy. I am sooo glad that Friday is my last day of work. I really can't take waking up early in the morning and sitting in that terrible, awful, no good traffic for what is turning into a two hour commute when it should only be one hour!

I just want things at the house to be okay because who knows when I may go into labor? It could be next week when they are there working on the situation. And that would NOT be okay people!!! I know that we will get it figured out and taken care of and what is most important and that we are all healthy and okay.

Its good to be able to write about your problems and worries on your blog, it does make you feel better! :)

I know I haven't been good about posting too often but I am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to posting picture after picture soon of my new baby girl. Can't wait!!


  1. Sometimes renting is nice. It's nice not having to worry about fixing this or that. But, it's also nice to own your house. You can paint how you want to. If you want to build shelves into the wall you can. You can plant trees if you want.
    Just relax!

  2. the joys and hassles of home ownership.
    thank God you can stay home after friday! i know you have to be super thrilled about that. enjoy what little time you have left to be lazy & take lots of naps before bambino arrives!

  3. Thanks Ladies! they came out yesterday and fixed the leak, now we have another huge hole in the ceiling but we are coping and I am going to relax plenty up until "ITS TIME!" :)