Monday, December 5, 2011

My Amazing Daughter is here!

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. Chloe ended up coming almost a week late and I have been extremely busy trying to take care of her with zero sleep and still recovering myself. She was born on November 18th which is pretty cool since that was my Grandma's birthday and I like to think that is a special way to honor her memory. She was 8 pounds, 12 inches and 20.5 inches long.

I love to stare at her daily and try to take it all in. The wonder, the love, so much love. Everyone told me that the love you feel for a child is in a whole different realm and wow they were right. I feel like my heart will burst sometimes because I am so overcome with emotion. Everything makes Joe and I emotional and cry now a days. She gives us so much joy and happiness. She only really smiles in her sleep and she sleeps A LOT, she also cries, VERY LOUDLY A LOT, but all babies do. I love her and thank God so much that she is healthy and happy! She is amazing, incredible, a beautiful miracle sent straight from heaven