Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Unconscious behind the Wheel

Disclaimer: I am very disgruntled, angry and I curse a lot in this post. Sorry if you are seeing a side of me you haven't seen before.

I know that I have a ton of road rage issues that I need to keep under control. It is so hard, they became out of hand when I was pregnant. I felt like so many more potentially dangerous driving situations were thrown at me and I really did not want to get into a car accident. One Friday I was driving home and a Peter Pan bus just starting coming into my lane, I had to swerve into the left land to avoid getting demolished. I was so irate after being so scared and almost crashing that I contacted the company repeatedly and filed a complaint. I emailed and called and left many messages. Someone from the company finally got back to me days and days later and apologized for the driver and told me that the information would be given to their supervisor. I hope they aren't still driving. I am in so many situations where people are driving erractically and out of control and I can't call the police and give them the tag number. Believe me I have tried. They tell me that it has to be actively happening and then they will see if there is an officer in the area who can respond to it. Well that isn't going to help. If I see a drunk driver or if someone is aggressively driving, I can't call right then and report them, then I am on a cell phone too and they aren't going to be able to come to where I am cause most likey the person will have stopped doing it by then as well. There needs to be a way to report these people and there needs to be something done about it!
The other thing that makes me so very furious is when people flash their headlights and ride your ass. You can't bully me into going faster and I may have been forced to get into the left lane temporarily so just calm your ass down and go around me. WHERE IS THE FIRE PEOPLE??! This drives me insane. NO ONE SHOULD EVER FLASH THEIR HIGHBEAMS AT SOMEONE ELSE EVER!!
One man did it to me and I then got behind him and did it right back so what does he do? Slams on his brakes and trys to cause me to crash into him, luckily I didn't crash into him. And then when I finally passed him later he gave me the finger - really? You started that crap mister and then when I gave it right back to you, you were so incensed that you almost caused an accident. Hmmm...maybe you shouldn't have done that shit to me in the first place, huh? People are so ridiculous.

On Friday when I was coming home, there was a huge Land Rover in front of me that kept drifting into the middle lane over and over again. I knew from just driving behind them that the person was texting. They could have easily been drunk or falling asleep but I knew if I got along side them they were going to be texting. First of all let me say that I DESPISE huge SUVs. They are obnoxious gas guzzlers and should be outlawed and banned. Sorry that is how I feel. I had already been honking and honking behind her and I pulled up next to her and there she was texting away not even looking at the damn road! I honked and honked and screamed at her, "you are going to kill somebody! STOP TEXTING" she continued to ignore me and just gave me the finger. Nice. You stupid idiot, you are so dangerous and selfish and I hate you so much and there is nothing I can do to stop you!!!
What could I do report her? Nope! I tried and they gave me the same speech about how it had to be happening right then for them to send someone out. I am just so sick of this behavior. Have we become so unconscious that we are driving around in our huge fucking SUVs and texting!! She may as well have been blind folded behind the wheel! Complete disregard for anyone else's safety. I am sick to death of this shit. Please I am begging anyone who reads this, PLEASE don't talk on your phone whlie driving unless its an emergency and Please for the love of all the little children out there, DO NOT text and drive!! There shouldn't even have to be laws about this, because it is just common sense not to do something like this!

Recently, Joe's friends son was killed in a horrible car accident on a major highway in Baltimore, MD. He was 5 years old. His name was Jake. And my friend Beth's aunt was just in a horrible car accident as well and is on life support right now. These two tradegies really hit home for me and they reinforce my deep seated fears about being out on the road. I have been in an accident on the highway and two cars hit us going 60+ miles per hour. My dad saved our lives, but it could have ended very differently. It is a terrifying feeling that I never want to have ever again.  I will be praying every time I get in the car and go anywhere. Especially with my daughter in the car.


  1. We drive a good size truck, but we live in the country. Not a fan of the big ass SUV either. I agree with you. People should not use cell phones while they drive. In IA, a law was passed that no one under 18 can use theirs while driving, but adults can. Which is stupid. Even before everyone had a cell phone, I was nervous driving.

    1. Thanks I wish everyone was a safe driver and careful but that just isn't the way it is, at all!