Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mega Millions

So I guess the mega millions is up to like 500 million or 500 gazillion or something like that. My husband bought a few tickets. And this DJ said she was going to write on her blog about how she would spend it and I thought that would be a great idea.
Here is the deal money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you a ticket to paradise and great food and drink and if you do that with loved ones then that is heaven.

I would be smart and invest of course so that my daughter had a great future without having to worry

I would DONATE to people who really need it!! There are so many people in this world who don't even have clean drinking water or food to eat or basic heatlh care - I would GIVE AWAY a ton of it

I would buy a house in Hawaii and one in Italy and just go and travel to every fantantic, incredible and breath-takingly beautiful place I have ever wanted to go!!

I would eat at every freaking 5 star restaurant that I could never afford to "throw my money away on"

I would buy invest in AMERICAN made everything including safe, hand made toys for my baby

I would finally buy all that expensive organic food and be able to grocery shop at Whole Foods like the rest of the rich people

I would buy the new Prius that I want

I would be able to have free time to do what makes me happy - writing, reading, sampling new wines, eating great food, taking beautiful photographs

I would buy a my own vineyard (maybe with my house in Italy!)

I would publish my childrens book and work on my book of funny stories that I never get around to finishing

I would buy all the children's books that I want to buy Chloe and create a Beauty and the Beast type library for her

I would also buy all the books that are on my Amazon wish list cause I would finally have time to read them all

I would learn about everything I want to learn about - take classes learning about every kind of flower and how to grow them
I would have the most lush and gorgeous garden anyone could ever imagnine and maybe even learn how to be a beekeeper

I would be able to have XM radio and that Pandora thing everyone is always talking about

I would be able to get the clothes and shoes that I can't afford

I could finally have time to do all the projects, receipes and buy the art from pinterest that I will never get around to!

it would actually be hard because then I would have to REALLY WORK at creating and being creative and responsible with tons of money, a luxury most of us don't understand


  1. I think I'd do a lot of the things on your list too. I like the expensive organic food idea, and a home in Italy and Hawaii sounds quite attractive!!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I would be in shock and wouldn't know what to do. Then I might get paranoid and feel cursed like Hurley on Lost! Haha

  2. I take donations! ;)
    I didn't buy tickets. Whenever I do and I lose, I always think I could have used that money for something else.

    1. I know I take donations too! haha..I just found out its up to 640 million and I posted on facebook that I wonder how many people that would clothe, house and cure?