Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Most Inspirational Movies

Let me preface this by saying that this is my list, it is personal to me and some of you may not agree with it or want to add or make suggestions, well this isn't an AFI list,  this is MY list. This list is about me, a woman and an artist. So feel free to make your own. If you haven't seen some of these I highly recommend them. This is a very short list and there are many movies that moved me and changed me forever that I am sure I am leaving off a ton of them, but that is okay, since this is just for fun.

1) Shawshank Redemption - of course I have to put this one - cause it is one of the most heart breaking, liberating, break through movies of all time. It says so much about life, oppression, freedom and using your intellect, wit and wisdom to get out of a seemingly impossible situation. It is a masterpiece - everything about it.

2) This Boy's Life - this movie really disturbs me but that is the point - I really love Leo.

3) Crash - a very good look at how destructive we can be as a society and how you can turn things around if you really want to.

4) Vote for Me - this is a documentary about some elementary school kids having an election in their class in China. It is so well done and gives America a little peek inside a country most of us haven't visited.

5) Thelma and Louise - every woman out there should see this movie because it is that important.

6) Steel Magnolias- another must see if you are a woman and you want both a good laugh and a good cry

7) Dancer in the Dark - staring Bjork, most of you probably have not seen this movie. It is so beautiful, be prepared to cry your eyes out!

8) Fifty Dead Men Walking - again, most of you probably haven't seen this - its a great

9) The Constant Gardener - made me realize truths about the world that I don't think i was prepared to learn just like...

10) Hotel Rwanda - shocked and horrified to watch this movie about genocide that the world didn't seem to care about

11) Stand By Me - don't need to tell you why, movie says it all.

12) The Machinist - holy.shit. is all I have to say. This is a jaw dropper.

13) Once - great, little-known movie, great soundtrack too.

14) Pecker - great flick. Shout out to Baltimore. Love the message about being an artist in America.

15) Angels in America - this is a mini-series I think but it is so awesome and I had to include it to hopefully inspire someone to watch it.

16) Definance - I had a problem with the fact that they used a blond, blue-eyed goyim to be the leader of the Jewish people in this film but that is America for you. Do I have to remind you about Scarface or Last of the Mochicans?!

17) The Pianist - wow Adrien Brody. just wow. A story about one man's survival during the Holocaust.

18) Terms Of Endearment - I can't watch this movie because it is too sad, but I think everyone should and the messages about life are immeasureable. It also is a great picture of what life looked like in the 70s.

19) E.T - a classic every American must see.

20) What Dreams May Come - fantastic and beautiful - showing you what heaven and hell might actually be like

21) Finding Neverland - the story of author of Peter Pan - beautiful and heart breaking (I think I have said that many times on this list!) Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are brillant and should do more movies together!

22) Amelie - another movie every girl should see

23) Their Eyes Are Watching God - this is a great movie starring Halle Berry based on a wonderful book I read in school. The problem was it was made for TV so not that many people probably saw it, or maybe they did, anyway it was great.

24) The Visitor - magnificent illustration of the struggle to be an immigrant in America.

25) Patch - a movie I think every doctor in America should see and LIVE BY! Maybe it would teach them to actally care about their patients, hmm...imagine that!

26) Never Ending Story- I think every child should see this movie, the moral - use your imagination to set yourself free

27) Dead Poets Society - awesome in every way

28) 7 pounds - love this movie so much, makes you think and think long after you see it, just like the Machinist - to think what would I do if that happened to me??

29) Erin Brokovich - I know that this movie may be cliche to some of you but the fact that it is based on a true story gave me so much hope about the power of good people and determination to never give up to help other people who didn't have a voice

30) Sicko - I was so moved by this movie I considered leaving America and its horrible, backwards, greed-driven medical insurance debacle, but I believe things can get better, I really hope they do.

31) Ray - this movie catapulted Jaime Fox into everyone's view and let his incredible talent shine so bright! I forgot I was watching Jaime cause you really start to believe he is Ray!

32) Little Children - a movie that really makes you think hard about being a grown up and our fears surrounding protecting our children from sexual predators

33) American Beauty -  a fantastic movie, exposing our fears, our lies and our misery. I had to study it in my film class at Montgomery College because it is such an important masterpiece.

side note: the following are all Clint Eastwood (director) movies - they are all wonderful, poignant, beautifully executed. AMAZING!!!!

34) Million Dollar Baby

35) HereAfter

36) Gran Torino

34) Changeling 


  1. I have not seen Steel Magnolias in such a long time. I cried.

    1. i know and I just heard this morning they are re-making it, I don't know about that - don't think you should mess with perfection!

    2. Oh no. Why do they have to keep doing this? I won't watch it. I agree with you.

    3. i know like the 21 Jump Street diaster out now. it just keeps going and going!

    4. And it was #1 at the box office too.

  2. i've hardly seen any of those on your list.