Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sleep Deprivation: Funny and Dangerous

So I am going to make this a recurring post - funny stories from the sleep deprived. My husband and I do very funny things when we are so tired we can't see straight, literally. They have done studies on drivers who are severly sleep deprived and drunk and the sleep deprived were more dangerous than the drunk ones
Okay so here is the list and you can only imagine the funny insanity that ensued after all of these events.

1) Joe isn't a coffee drinker but I showed him how to make coffee in case I was feeding her and can't do it. So he "made it" one day and instead of pouring the water in the back he just put it on the plate and turned it on. So when this happens and you try to pour the water in - there is a big poof explosion of coffee grinds.

2) My sleepy husband did one of the messiest and most frustrating things you can ever do - dropped the wet coffee grinds all over the floor - which I am sure all of you have done at one point or another, you can't use a broom and a dishpan because it is wet and you have to somehow scoop it all up and get it back in the trash.
Sloppy diaster.

3) I pay bills wrong. I paid the gas bill to the credit card company. And wondered why there was a weird payment on my statement and had to figure out that I paid the wrong bill - you would think electronic bill pay couldn't be any more simple or easy. Well sleep deprived can screw up anything!!. I also paid the mortgage the wrong amount and had to go back and fix that mistake

4) I can't talk or form sentences clearly anymore. I have to take long pauses and try to get out what is in my head - out of my mouth! I can't remember things and have to constantly write everything down (even this funny list)

5) So this is probably the funniest and most ridiculous one. On Sunday I decided to go to Takoma Park to a great little speciality gift store that I love. I ran around the house trying to get everything ready and frantically screamed at my husband, "make sure everything is in the diaper bag!" he said "okay" but he was trying to get himself together to go somewhere else. So I get down there and we are in the store and baby girl is grunting away and I am sure she is making a #2. So I quickly pay and get to the car and realize I have burp cloths, changing pads, an emergency bottle, extra outfits, wipes, toys, but NO DIAPERS and NO TEETHING RINGS. the only 2 things I actually need. So we packed her up and went home and she hadn't pooped yet thank goodness.

The moral of the story is get more sleep and slow down. Approaching chaos and a million thingg to do with a calm, rational, had-sleep head is much better than a crazy, scatter-brain, caffeine soaked, sleep deprived MESS!!


  1. isn't that first phase of parenting awesome? ha! it does get easier as your body learns to adjust to smaller amounts of sleep.
    also, fish oil is great for improving your brain, even when you're super stressed or over tired. you can even get a one a day pill to make it easy to take.

    1. Thanks Sherilin - yes it is comical and crazy to say the least! Fish oil is great :)

  2. When I am tired, I can never think of that one word I need. So, I start my sentence and than stop because I forgot the word. I get laughed at a lot.
    I'd mess up making coffee too. I don't drink it either.

    1. well that is a good thing since it only makes you do stupid things faster! haha and caffeine is really bad for women I gave it up before I got pregnant and only went back to its evil because I am always so overly tired!