Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Versatile Blog Award

A big thanks to Ruth at http://ruth-welcometome.blogspot.com/ for giving me the Versatile Blog Award!
So now I need to include 15 worth blogs - I am going to do 5 and 7 things about myself

These blogs are my favorite and if you aren't already following then you need to be!!

1) Deviled Megs:  http://www.deviledmegs.com/
2) Laughing My Abs Off: http://laughingmyabsoff.blogspot.com/
3) Its An Average Life: http://goodgirlgoneaverage.blogspot.com/
4) Ow, my Angst!: http://karensomethingorother.blogspot.com/
5) Life By Chocolate: http://rawknrobyn.blogspot.com/

Here are 7 things about me:

1) I was born with only 3 wisdom teeth so I am evolved, but they were still impacted so I had to have that awful surgery
2) I used to go to Ohio University for a little while
3) I love art
4) When I was small I called Rob Lowe, Rob Lobe because I thought that was his name and since my sister loved Rob Lobe I decided I would marry his younger brother Chad Lobe
5) Not all people can curl their tongue and do the "Spock" hand - I can do both!
6) I really love flowers but don't know enough about them, I wish I could just take a class on flowers and I would if I had time!
7)"Raising Arizona" is my favorite movie


  1. I visited Deviled Megs. Her post was talking about putting a used cup on a counter. Wonder what happens to the jock?
    But, can you do the "Spock Tongue"?
    I think Mrs. Garfunkel loves art, too.
    I was only born with one wisdom tooth. And it's so far inside my mouth there's very little chance of it coming out to say "howdy."
    I guess that means I are stoopid.
    I can't even do the "Spock Tongue."

  2. " I don't know. They had yodas and shit on 'em!" Great movie.
    15 is a lot and took me forever. Can't blame you for stopping at five. I should have.
    I have no wisdom teeth. Never got any.

  3. congrats on your award.
    I had all four wisdom teeth. the top came out easily, but the bottom two were compacted.. most horrid surgery ever.

  4. I am very lucky to have never needed my wisdom teeth removed, thank goodness as I hate the dentist

    Congrats on your award and those that you have handed it on to