Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"This is WAR"

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend but if it offends you then, good, maybe you need it. :)

So I have been thinking about this cool Bjork song called "Army of Me" - if you don't know about Bjork's music then go online and listen to it and buy some. She is incredible. She says, "and if you complain one more time you will meet an army of me" I know what she means...we gripe, complain, grouse and for what? Do we really have problems? Sure some of us do, we can't pay our bills or afford to put gas in our cars. But what about not having clean drinking water, or not enough food or no place to live or a child that is fatally ill or dying. THOSE, my dear ones, are REAL PROBLEMS.

I have spent an enormous amount of time reading articles on the Internet. I have read incredibly ignorant, racist and downright stupid comments from people on many sites. Most of those same people reveal their stupidity through spelling and grammar errors as well. It seems like a wasteland of people just spouting idiotic comments that leave us all some how more stupid than we began. It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy, please help us all if that is a prophecy about our future! So I will turn all this rage into a ranting post about my war on ignorance.

A ton of the suffering, war, political fights are over religion and religious beliefs. First of all, we live in a land where everyone is allowed to believe in whatever they damn well please. We are F-R-E-E right? Are we?

John Lennon summed it all up in his song "Imagine". Here is a crazy idea: We are all one. We are all God's children. We all want to love and be loved. All we need to do is live in the moment. Try to follow our dreams and our heart.

So here is my WAR. I am declaring it today. My war is against the following: cruelty, ignorance, hate, greed, intolerance, impatience, abuse of power, perversion of what is sacred, brutality, bullying, lies, pride, ego, and most of all fear.

All of us can be all of the above, we are human, but I challenge everyone to really dig deep within and work on changing themselves. This is hard work. I mean the hardest thing you will ever do. If you are Christian then damn it, try to live like Christ. REALLY TRY IT. Its tough, can you forgive everyone? Everyone? Can you really? can you forgive yourself? If someone hit you in the face could you really turn the other cheek? I don't know if I could. Will you really try to feed the hungry and take care of the sick. Try living just like he did for just one day or a week. NOT EASY!!!!!!!

These are my weapons: My wisdom, intelligence, humor, writing, art and peaceful protest. Peacuful protest is technically a contradiction in terms or a oxymoron - like Peaceful Warrior. But that is what we must all be in this world. You have to be a warrior to protect what you love but your goal is peace. I have been thinking deep and hard and long about this for a long time and especially since the Occupy movement. It is a great idea and everyone got out there. And then came the brutality and the pepper spray and the abuse of  power.
(to read about peaceful warrior go to my previous post entitled "Happiness")

How many times do we have to go through this over and over. Did we not learn from the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., or J.F.K? What about the monks setting themselves on fire in Vietnam or the massacre of Tiananmen Square. Or should we go to a larger scale of the Holocaust or the current holocausts and genocides happening in Africa. How many wars have to be fought? How many people have to be tortured and killed while the world watches before we learn and CHANGE for the better? Now that I have a child, my heart and soul cry out for their lives. The lives of the innocent among us. I am so deeply disturbed by the sex slave trade and the 21st century state of child slavery in general. These are our most wicked crimes. Our most insane and horrendous abuses of humanity.

Sometimes I get so hopeless and disturbed that I feel totally apathetic and I don't know how to go on. But I have to now, I have to go on and be a peaceful warrior and try very, very hard to make the world a better place for my little girl and all the children of the world.

"You may say that I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one..." - John Lennon

This is Sade's Soldier of Love video


  1. I believe we are as free as the government lets us be. Until we the people realize that we have the power to change that, it will remain that way.
    Too many people believe that because they are Christians that automatically makes them good people. But, they use that to judge how people live. A lot of them also believe if you don't believe, you are not a good person.
    Not all, but many are like that. Same with most religions.
    People say society needs to learn tolerance. No, what society needs to learn is acceptance.

    1. absoultely, I am posting something else that actually offers solutions to our social problems - and my social I mean global