Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What LOVE looks like

I was watching this show for kids and the woman said No silly you can't see Love its something you feel. I think they have it all wrong. Like the Stevie Wonder song isn't She Lovely, he says, Isn't she Lovely? Made from Love. I would tell my baby girl to look in the mirror. I would tell her that she is made from love that she is love and that all the beauty and love in the universe exisits inside of her. Here are some pictures of what love looks like: The first one is my daughter, the others courtesy of facebook


  1. that one with the shoes almost made me cry.
    your girlie is adorable!

  2. You have a little cutie!
    And just so you know, I don't say that about a lot of babies.

    1. aww thanks Ruth! Haha! Some funny looking babies out there huh?! Haha!

  3. She is gorgeous!
    Very inspiring pics :)

  4. You found some very touching pics! And your daughter is just beautiful! :o)

  5. Those are all so beautiful. The one with the homeless guy and the dog is so sad!

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can stop by my blog, Mama Diaries, to pick it up.