Friday, July 13, 2012

Prayers for change

I haven't been posting lately. I have had way too much going on. I don't know if I can honestly keep up with this blog or if I want to, but today I feel overwhelmed and I need to get my feelings out. I have posted on here about how anxious I am about the state of the world and how I need things to change, drastic change is what we need.
This week my friend Randy passed away from a rare form of cancer. He was 35. He has a 5 month old baby girl. If I was ripped away from my precious baby right now because of this insidious disease I would be so angry. Rage and anger aren't even strong enough words for how I would feel. My heart goes out to my close friend who was with this man for many years. He was her first love.
As I have mentioned before, Joe's best friend, Brian is battling leukemia. It is beyond brutal. There are no words to describe how sorry I am that he is suffering through this. He has a baby on the way.
I am scared and I am fed up. Recently he found out that his ex-wife's baby boy has numerous tumors all over his body. They found out that there was toxic waste barrels were buried where they live. There is a big lawsuit. Brian also lives in an area in Jersey that borders a cancer cluster. Another big law suit. I am just at my wit's end. I am emotionally exhausted from worrying about the future, what the world is like now and what will the future be like for my baby girl. It isn't about being negative and doom and gloom. People close to me are dying! Randy was 35! Brian is 37! These are young people, and now that little boy...
my friend was urging me to watch "Forks over knives" and to become a vegan. I think that is a great idea and I have been taking steps to eat better. But I think about the cover up about the cancer clusters from the factories and big corporations. The fucking cover up of those barrels with toxic waste that were buried where people were living. WHAT THE HELL are we going to do?? My soul is crying out for help and all I see are people rushing around to nowhere, taping away on their Iphones like zombies. I think about the Chemtrails. (not a freaking conspiracy theory) I think about how our food is poison. Monstano. The water isn't safe to drink, the air isn't safe to breathe, the food isn't safe to eat. What is safe? What is left?
I am so tired friends. So tired of it all and doing more and more research and uncovering just how sick and evil EVERYTHING is, EVERYTHING. Are we headed for oblivion or will it all CHANGE. Well let me tell you, my friends, EVERYTHING is going to have to change. Capitalism has to fall. We have to start treating eachother with love and respect. We have to heal our planet and ourselves. We are at the turning point. The time is now.

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