Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Funniest Songs Ever

I realize that my last post was waaay too sad and waaay too serious. So in keeping with "my highest joy" I will write a funny post or at least about some very funny songs

If you haven't heard one of these songs, then pretty please look it up, I won't be posting links to them but there is the magic of Youtube now so enjoy! It should be a top 10 list but I only came up with 9, deal with it!

9) "Rock Lobster" - B52s, very fun summer song. I love the imagination and silliness that went into writing this song. My favorite part is "everyone had matching towels!"

8) "Another One Rides the Bus" - Weird Al Yankovic - this man is so funny and this song always makes me crack up, it is freaking hilarious, I would love to make a music video for this song cause its comedic GOLD!!

7) "You Say He is Just a Friend" - Biz Markie. Everyone loves Biz, and nobody beats him! hee hee. This song is so funny cause there are parts that just seem so off the way and bizarre and don't rhyme or even try to like the part when it goes, "Excuse me, could you tell me where is door 3?"

6) "Do you hear me" - by 80s band "Missing Persons"- it just sounds so funny when they say Doo you Hear ME?"

5) "Fish Heads" - Barnes and Barnes - my sister and I caught this very strange song on MTV when we were kids and would laugh and laugh, "fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads, fish heads, fish heads eat them up YUM! "You can take them to the movies they don't talk!" - I mean what? funny AND weird..

4) "You Better You Bet" - The Who, I just love it when it says, "When I say I love you, you say, YOU BETTAAA!"

3) "My piece of Sh*t Car" - Adam Sandler - this is a very silly song and something we can all relate to, an old car we had to drive when we were younger that was barely held together and everything about it was wrong

2) "Then I got high" - Afroman - this song is just so funny and sums up the wacky, immobilization of getting high

1) "My Puss" - Margaret Cho - this song is fabulous, hilarious and I love everything about it. Margaret Cho you rock my world!