Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm Bringing Funny back!

I am like Justin Timberlake...ok not really at all but I'm Bringing FUNNY back.... I hope you've missed my funny stories about my crazy life. I want to talk a little bit today about the snow. We are lucky hear in Maryland, we normally don't get too much. But its the salt on the roads and the never ending pot holes that are annoying the crap out of me lately. One road I drive on is so riddled with  potholes, I look like I am driving on an obstacle course trying to avoid them. And that is just the ones I can avoid, there are 20 more I hit on the way. So frustrating! Then while I am driving the other morning there was so much salt on my windshield, I had to use my windshield wiper fluid to combat it, of course. Well it was soooo cold (only about 5 freaking degrees) that when I go to use the fluid it freezes on the windshield!! Now I can't see cause of the salt AND all the ice! Help!! Another little tricky addition has been the blinding sunlight. The sun has been so blinding that people are freaking out and drifting into oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic happened to be this little lady right here!

So I knew that for the month of February, 28 days of kindness would be approching so I was holding the door for people at work but then they would get closer and closer and be like nope going this way! And I am like OH! Ok! So silly, then an attempted act of kindness becomes an embarrassing and awkward weird situation. So funny.

So I usually have these idealistic thoughts about going out with my daughter and having these perfect times with us running and laughing like fools having so much fun. The other day, I took her out to go for a short walk and all she wanted to do was stomp around in the little bit of snow we had left. So then we went back inside and got her snow boots on, then I had the brilliant idea that we should get the soccer ball I got her for Christmas and take it to the field to kick around. So we went and as soon as we got there we were submerged in a field of nothing but mud and goose poop. Yeah, that is what I said. Geese love to congregate over at the school we live next to in the field. I am not sure why they love it so much but that is their hangout, its where they have family gatherings and important business meetings. When I say goose poop every where I mean EVERY Where!! But the great part is that my girl is definitely going to be a soccer star. She can dribble that ball so well, its amazing. Future Mia Hamm, Hope Solo??

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